working procedures


About the project

Design and development of E-learning products for implementing work regulations “Mekorot” the Israeli water company

The challenge & solution

At the first meeting with the client we got a binder containing printed documents , “this is our work  procedures , The problem is that the employees do not know it .”How to make employees from a variety of different departments to know the procedures relevant for they daily work? How do we transform the information into knowledge?  In this project we developed several E-learning productsEach tutorial is divided into several learning paths depending on the employee’s position and knowledge. With many of the procedures included complex processes , such as welding and assembling pumps , we went out to the field and produced for these processes video clips that illustrate each phase of  the work . For processes that could not be illustrated (e.g. work below the surface) , we used animation.

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25 בSeptember 2016
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