Video to raise awareness of safety at work


About the project

Producing  a safety at work video

The challenge & solution

The aim of this project was clear: to demonstrate to employees that the choice of how to act and the ability to prevent an accident is in the hands of each and every one of us!
From our extensive experience in developing safety training we learned a very important point: when it comes to safety, knowledge is not the main problem. The problem is that we do not act in accordance with our knowledge.
Therefore, we chose to use the visualization method called “the angel and the devil model”.
What does it mean?
Thinking together with the client, we selected a number of everyday situations and workers routine work the employees perform during the day. We introduced the inner thoughts and the voices that the worker goes through while working (whether to work according to the procedure or perhaps based on what ‘s more convenient? ) , Each of these choices can lead to an accident or prevent the accident .
The video attracted much attention and led to a very live discussion among employees and executives.



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25 בSeptember 2016
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